Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happily Ever After

     I have recently developed a slightly unhealthy obsession with the blogs of other young and married women, some eclectic, some religious and all of them filled with the beautiful ordinary accounts of their lives with their quirky husbands, adorable babies and pristine homes.

     I do not have any of this things. My husband is not eccentric, he does not wear skinny jeans, plaid shirts and horn-rimmed glasses. No doe-eyed baby boys in bow ties or girls with floral tutus have made an appearance in the Gere household just yet. And my tiny one bedroom apartment may stay clean for a day but it still has second hand couches and two very cute, very stinky frog dogs to give it some character.

     But the best part is that I am so very glad that my life doesn't look like a Better Homes and Gardens magazine threw up on it. I am so VERY in love with the manly man I married. He has a scruffy ginger beard, kills birds for fun and thinks a pot of chili with a hot dog thrown in it is a gourmet meal. So hands off ladies! His mountain man, fisherman, no man but I can man is all mine :)

Yupp that's him. With two very much alive shrimp he caught and planned on eating. They look leggy to me.

     But back to business. Blogs are great ideas. It's like a diary your inclined to write and you get to decorate and add pictures to. So I am gonna hop on that train and hopefully won't end up in some horribly mangled wreck down the road.

Let's do a bit of catch up to start off!

     5 months and 5 days ago I married my best friend at the ripe old age of 20! I feel lucky to have been able to meet my prince no so charming at an age when most people are graduating high school and marry that handsome lug less than two years later on April 14th, 2012.

     I was normally assumed to be either pregnant, mormon or incredibly stupid whenever my impending marriage and my age came into a conversation together. And lo and behold to most, I was none of those things, though I am sure some people still consider the latter to be a possibility. I just like to count myself lucky that in a world where marriage is losing its awe and respect, my love and I had two sets of incredibly supportive and still married parents to support our decision to commit so young. Thanks mamas and papas :)

     We honeymooned in sunny Jamaica at a Sandals resort where we ate too much free food, went to bed too early and I got way too uncomfortable in the marketplace (I don't do well with sale pressure to buy peoples homemade junk). We hurried home to an apartment we pay WAY too much for each month in Mill Creek and my new job as a dental assistant less than a mile from that said apartment while my dear husband bounces around between his responsibilities as soldier, security system apprentice and fisherman.

Whew, thats enough for now. I'll throw in some photos to make it interesting but I will stop rambling now. No need for word vomit so early in the blogging world. Ill take care of that later...yayyyy.


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