Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Gere Proposal

My husband has an older brother, Jordan. Exactly 2 years, 1 month and 14 days older. He has been dating a very funny and pretty girl named Breanna who is exactly 4 years, 9 months and 17 days older than I am.

They started dating about a month before the hubs and I met. Meaning that we have been waiting for the ring and the question for awhile since J and I married nearly 6 months ago already.

Breanna was an impatient squirmy worm for Jordan to ask her the big question. We have been mentally planning her wedding to the elder Gere brother for awhile now but it never was the right time.

Jordan was full of excuses. "I have to finish school" was the number one.

And he lied! Because he proposed this past weekend and he wasn't done with school. He just wanted to throw her off. And he did very well. This is the proposal story I helped make happen. Only a little though.

So it all started when this little even invite popped up on facebook!

Holy cow it was Jordan's plan to propose! I almost had a heart attack since it was on facebook and I hoped he was for sure for really sure that this event was private and Breanna couldn't see it.

To summarize his master proposal plan, he was going to gather all of Breanna's friends and family and future in-laws (me and the fam bam) at the Mukilteo Light House which they apparently had one of their first dates at or something along those lines.

We were all to make signs signifying certain steps in their relationship such as their first kiss, the giving of a promise ring and the asking of blessings from her parents.

He would then sneak her there without her suspecting any of this and bring her around the lighthouse to all her waiting loved ones. As their song played in the background we would all come forth in pairs as our signs progressed down their relationship until they reached the days date of October 6th, 2012.

It was there that Jordan would get down on one knee and present her with the ring of her dreams. She nodded yes through her tears and now another aisle trot is in the making. Here are some photos I stole from her mom to document the day.

 and they lived happily ever after. Until the wedding planning begins....

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