Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Be fruitful and multiply...

Babies, babies, babies! I love me some tiny toes to nibble and rosy cheeks to kiss and soft little bellies to tickle. The second most popular thing that seems to be happening to people my age aside from marriage, is the blooming of baby bumps. Ironically those two things are rarely related.

Aside from politics of which comes first, marriage or a baby carriage, I have been running some baby fever.

Pregnant women are the most adorable creatures to grace this earth. It is amazing that our bodies were made to create, grow and birth life into this world. It is truly magnificent and something I am very excited to experience.

Since we tied the knot over 6 months ago, one of the most asked questions has to be about children. I have two extremes. The ones who are waiting on bated breath for us to announce a new little life into the world and others who like to add "we hope you wait awhile" at the end of it. Well thanks for the enthusiasm!

A child is a huge responsibility as well as a huge blessing. I do not doubt that if we found out that we are pregnant tomorrow we would be ready to take on the challenge with open arms and mounds of love for our future son or daughter. However, if it doesn't happen for a few more years, I am alright with that too. We aren't trying for any babies if you were wondering. But if it happens I wont be upset.

We have our to do list before baby G makes it's grand entrance. We want stable jobs in the city we plan on raising our littles in as well as owning our own home. None of those things have happened right now and thats okay. The Lord plans out everything in his timing and I trust in that.

Whether we welcome a precious gift this year or 5 years down the road I will be grateful and joyous.

So no, we are not pregnant, no we are not trying, but yes we would be elated if it happens. I trust in us and the timing allotted to us. After all, babies are so darn CYUTE!

I mean look at that little munchkin! I just want to nibble him.

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