Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Update

Hello fans! Actually my family, a few friends and the random person that ends up here through the vast maze that is the internet. I am a busy bee so sometimes I need to throw in a bunch of stuff that happened recently in a single post. Let us begin on this wild adventure!

Dentistry and Pediatrics

Children are a blessing and I fully agree with that. Which is probably why I am pretty much bouncing off walls and ceilings with excitement over my new job. I finished my first week of working there and it was superb. Dr. Dance is absolutely fabulous and easy-going with one of the funnest offices I have ever been in. The kids are great and even the random tantrum thrower is not difficult to handle unless screaming 5 year olds send you running into a closet to hide in fetal position. Lucky for me I do  not take it personal and find working with children all day to be charming and easy in more way than one. Getting bit every once in a while is not an issue when you work with such amazing ladies and a great professional. I only wish I had such a dentist when I was small. I feel so blessed to have been given this amazing opportunity to exercise my skills and bring glory to my creator through them.

False: Because 99% of the time it is because you actually were not flossing. Your red, swollen gums and heavy plaque prove that each and every time.

Crossfit and Paleo
I am officially joining the crazy world that is Crossfit in less than 2 weeks. I am pretty much stoked because I am so darn impressed with the diligence and determination involved.

The plan is to pretty much become a beast. No big deal. 

I have been eating a fairly strict paleo diet the last month in order to prepare myself for a major lifestyle change. For anyone who does not know, paleo is casually referenced as the caveman diet and tends to go hand in hand with crossfitting. In a summary, paleo focuses on clean eating vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts and meat/seafood with no allowance for any grains, legumes or dairy products. If it grows on a tree, swims in the sea, walks on the ground or grows in the dirt on its own without human cultivation, you may eat it. The fish must be wild caught, the meat must be grass fed and free roaming, organic vegetables and no processed foods. None! That means no sugar! Oh vey! Americans eat over 200 lbs of sugar a year on average. So lets just say, my diet was less sweet in the past weeks. I can't eat sugar, milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, bread, soy products, peanuts or everything in between. It sounds insanely difficult but it has actually been incredibly simple. I feel better and sleep better and am prepping my body to use it's systems in the way they were designed. I am pretty excited for bootcamp to start and see what the gift that is my body is really capable of!

If anyone knows me well, you know I love the big man upstairs and his sovereignty in flesh through Christ Jesus. I have extremely conservative beliefs based on most people's opinions, which does not really fit well in our politically correct country of ours. And you know what? That is great because we are also a free nation that allows me to believe whatever I want. And let you believe whatever you want as well. Amazing concept right? Americuuuhhhhh!

Anyway, I am a huge Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church fan. You know, that really controversial church based out of Seattle where my pastor apparently is a huge woman hater and bigot and it is all a huge cult because he dresses like a normal person yet holds strict biblical view. Thanks for letting me know, your enlightenment astounds me. Yeah, that one. Well, every Wednesday night, a group of young adults in the CDA area meet at our house, watch a sermon, worship, pray and discuss together. It has been such an encouragement in my life as I move to a new area and grow as a woman into my own beliefs and desires. I like to bake and set out coffee for it and we all seem to have a fairly good time. It is glorious and I am so thankful for our new friends and the opportunity to fellowship together. (Big Christian dictionary word thats basically hanging out with a purpose of spiritual encouragement) Learn something new everyday!

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

I know 3 lines of that entire song but it felt appropriate at this moment. My hubs, my parents, sister, her friend and I are all leaving for the Bahamas in less than 24 hours!!! We are all departing from different locations from Spokane, Seattle and Elko but the goal is to arrive at the fabulous Atlantis resort on Friday. 

Not this atlantis....

Or the one Disney made.

But this beautiful place!

I have been to Jamaica and to Cancun but never to the Bahamas so we are expecting a grande new adventure, albeit a tidbit on the pricey side. But we love to travel and hopped on the sunshine train as  winter seems to linger on forever in the northern US.

I am frantically packing, cleaning and shutting things down in our home all by myself because that is what I do while hubs works, I delegate and take charge of my own to do list. This is no exception. 

I may go overboard on responsibility, like turning down our thermostats and unplugging everything in the house and eating nothing but Kale for 3 days so I can have a relatively empty fridge when I leave. But it is me, and if anyone knows me, this would not be suprising. At all. Not even a little. 

So bon voyage as we jet off to paradise for a week. We will tell you how it is when we return broke and probably fatter then we left!

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