Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I am one lucky lady because I was raised with a father who love my mother and who loved my sister and I. We were lucky because it seems now that true men, one's who step up and treat their wives as queens, teach and protect their children and pay their bills are becoming fewer and fewer to find. But I was truely blessed with the man that my father is.

This is David Glenn Bethel.

When we were little at Universal Studios.

And recently at my sister's prom. Forgive my hobo outfit, I had driven 5 hours to surprise them.

I love that aside from the length of his hair, he looks exactly the same as he did when I was 6 to when I was 21. 

He raised my sister and I up to be strong, independent women. We had no brothers so he taught us everything that most would reserve for sons. We learned to climb trees, jump the highest on a trampoline, ski the fastest down a mountain, snowmobile, start a fire and make meals. My mom was never a huge cook so half my domestic skills I probably learned from my father. 

He loved my mother and I believe that was one of the greatest gifts he could give us as his daughters. Because he taught me how a real man loves a woman. I have found that in my husband who is best friends with my dad. I feel so blessed to have these amazing men in my life.

I look forward to the first father's day I get  to spend with my own husband as a daddy and my dad as a grandfather. Soon we will be in that step of life, but for now, I am saying thank you and all my love to the man who loved me unconditionally before any other. 

Now a trip down memory lane!

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