Friday, July 19, 2013

Greener Grass

We offically have a back yard!

It took 7 months from our move in date but we have sod laid on what used to be a small version of the utah desert surrounded by white vinyl.

I learned some things about sod. It is incredibly high mainenance. It goes through a series of death and resurrection. It enjoys drowning in water.

I work monday through thursday now as a dental assistant for a small office in the area and the sod was convienently laid on my first day of work, as well as the day I dropped my husband off for 2 weeks in Elko. Meaning, that I was unable to water the grass for the 8 hours a day I was at work.

If you are familiar with sod, you know this to be quite a predicament. I have done my best to uphold all the rules. I bought an expensive little sprinkler tractor that makes its rounds around the house, saturating every inch of that expensive dirt while I am away.

Unfortunately, this hasn't been all peaches and cream since our dear mini john deere likes to fall over periodically and skyrocket a stream of water into our neighbors yard. Luckily, she is a darling older lady who loves me, our dogs and our little urban farm in the making.

Our other neighbors, I can not say feel the same.

Recently, on my lunch break, I was forced to chase around our white leghorn chicken in his backyard because it had decided it literally wanted to fly the coop. Granted these are the neighbors who do not seem to embody the sort of thing any person who lives in the suburbs should get over. Like the fact that people have pets, people have kids who make noise and people are generally are much more relaxed then they are. We are getting the feeling they like us less and less with each passing day.

ooops :)

Speaking of poultry. It seems mine might want to murder me and take over the house. Aside from being general nuisances, they enjoy attempting to break through the glass door, relieving themselves repeatedly on my newly poured patio, and waking me up on my days off by appearing in my bedroom!

A 45 minute chase out of the house ensued and a decision to build them a fenced portion of the yard for themselves was made. And now Justin wants to get a covey of quail to stick in a rabbit hutch!

It seems we might be making a whole new version of Funny Farm in North Idaho. And Chevy Chase ain't got nothing on me as the witty, unlucky main character.

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