Friday, May 10, 2013


Here are some are trivial things but they make me who I am and anything that does that to a person has to be worth mentioning, right?

1) I love to read. Books! GLORIOUS MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURES ON THE INK TYPED PAGES OF A PAPERBACK! Or my kindle. Which I recently broke :( sad day. I will read whenever the opportunity arrives. I order books of of Amazon like no ones business and my dream one day is to have a library with floor to ceiling shelves filled with books. And not just any books. I am fairly picky about what I choose to read. I like Victor Hugo, JK Rowling, Khaled Hosseinni, Jane Austen, Charlotte/Emily Bronte, Orson Scott Card, Aldous Huxley, Ayn Rand, Joseph Steinbeck and most any other writer who produces literature of skill and interest and artistic form. In comparison, I LOATHE Stephanie Meyer as an author and a few others whom I personally just don't find their style interesting, like Joseph Conrad. I was one of those few kids in high school who honestly enjoyed reading the assigned novels in english class and I would finish them all early and start on the next one. I like to lose myself in a good book, a story and a place with people that all exist inside my head. I have ridden broomsticks to Hogwarts, flown kites in Kabul, fought along the wealthy students on the streets of Paris, courted Mr. Darcy, run away from Mr. Rochester, trained at Battle School, became an individual who loved exclusively and drove to Eden in the back of a pickup truck. I never left my chair or my cup of tea but I had such grand adventures indeed.

2) I cry when I hold other people's babies. It happens subconsciously but I get emotional around infants. Probably some weird maternal hormonal thing but something about the smell of their hair, their soft giggles and snuggling deep into my arms to sleep triggers a desire in me. A desire to start my family and have lots of my own babies. I cannot wait to find out that we made a little life and I get the privilege of nurturing, growing and caring for it inside of me. I am excited for labor pains and learning my strength as a woman, the giver of life. I have my opinions on the art of childbirth already laid out. I am excited for ten little toes and ten fingers to nibble on. I want a nursery to decorate and little milestones to witness. I want to pick their name with incredible care and find fun ways to announce our little joy. I even want crying, spit up and dirty diapers. All the glamours of motherhood. I am young and I have time, this I know, and I honestly hate when people remind me of it because it is obvious. I am allowed to be excited and have this desire. And personally, it is no one else's business when my husband and I decide to start our family. So about your opinion? No thanks, we don't want it.

3) I get discouraged too easily. I think I try to be positive about most life situations and trust in a divine plan, which I do. But sometimes, it seems, that when everything goes according to plan, little detours and potholes show up and in the end you wonder if you ever should have taken that road in the first place. It is life, and it's crappy sometimes and wonderful other times, but sometimes you worry when you face big decisions and fear making the wrong choice. Take the plunge or climb off the diving board. Either way, you cannot stand on the edge forever.

4) Family is the greatest thing. I have close family. Both my own and my in-laws. Though they live far away I still feel close to them. I wish we could all buy acres of land and live on the same property. My mother literally still has a plan for us to do this. And honestly, the thought would freak out a lot of other people, but in our case, it seems natural. My children's grandparents on both sides to be running distance away would be my greatest joy. To have all the aunties and uncles near and cousins who grow up as best friends. Family is forever and even if we disagree, we are loyal and we love in all things.

5) I am ridiculously uptight sometimes. People think I do not realize this but I do. I like to play mom to others, sometimes even when I do not have to. Responsibility weighs far too heavily on my shoulders at the wrong times, sometimes the right times as well. But I am stubborn, and I get snappy or rude or conceited at times. I get defensive. I do not condone or defend it but it seems to be a consistent part of me that I am learning to recognize at times. Maybe I will control it someday. At least I am trying.

6) I think it is absolutely disgusting when people drink the milk out of their cereal bowls after they are finished. I have always hated it. My whole family thinks it is nasty. I distinctly remember two occasions when I was younger in which I was forced to drink it. The adults who instructed me to do so was a girl scout leader and a dear Aunt. Neither of which I blame at all because to most people it is wasteful to pour out the milk which they would find no issue to drink. I on the other hand hate the taste of milk tainted with cereal and just thinking about drinking warm milk with bits of food floating in it honestly makes me gag. I would gladly pour it down the drain. But now, I love nothing more than to put barely a splash of almond milk in my cheerios so that when I finish it, not even a drop of milk remains. No guilt, no waste and no gagging!

7) Mushrooms. Foul capped little demon fungus. I hate them. Always have. The smell. The look. The texture. The taste. The fact that it needs a damp dark dirty place in order for it to even grow just churns my stomach. That and broccoli. Raw is fine. I don't enjoy it but it does not bring out the loathing I have for cooked broccoli. The smell is horrific and a small piece of cooked broccoli in a dish will honestly ruin everything in the vicinity. I might like it one day but for now, sick.

So I was bored and wrote all this down while watching BBC tv shows on Youtube while I simultaneously deep cleaned my kitchen in a lost effort to save it from the sugar ant invasion. These are the things a stay at home wife with no husband does on her free days errrr every day actually. :)

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