Sunday, March 17, 2013

Middle School to Marriage

I like to say that I have one best friend. I have had many whom I have used the word for before but there is only one which actually fits the true meaning. And this morning, she called me bright and early to share some of the most joyous news, SHE's ENGAGED!!!!


But here is a little of our history.

She and I met when I was 12 years old and she was 11 in 6th grade at Gateway Middle School in Everett, Washington.

We were both little smarty pants and placed in Mrs. Lombardi's honors block class. We were placed at group table with one another and it's all history from there.

She would hang out at our house all the time and we would eat top ramen with chopsticks and do whatever it was 12 year olds did. But we always did our homework because that is how we were.

My parents became surrogate parents to her since her mom worked a lot and she was frequently home alone. They have loved her like a daughter in every possible way.

Our status as classmates only last one year as she transferred to another middle school in the area for 7th grade. We never went to school together after that. But it didn't matter, because she was my best friend and we were always going to love one another.

We kept on with that promise and even though some years were closer than others, we always knew that we understood the other. We knew we would be there and that we would be loyal.

Here we are, almost 12 years later, and we are still best friends.

We attended each others graduation ceremonies, she was the first person I called about my engagement and stood beside me as one of my maid of honors on my wedding day to the man I loved.

And now it's her turn! She fell in love in high school, meeting a charming young man I wasn't sure I liked too much at first. But now, I wouldn't have her with anyone else. He is great!

I wasn't there so I cannot tell you much about how the proposal went down. Only that it happened on a rock cliff at sunrise in Arizona and she was so happy.

We screamed together on the phone as she told me her joyous news that we have waited for. Now the wedding planning begins and as her Maid of Honor, there is a lot of work to be done.

Victoria Mae Kim Sutton,
       You are the dearest to me that anyone could be. We have been through so much together and never once has our commitment and love for one another wavered. You are a gracious and loving companion. You shine with the Love of God and went out into the world by yourself to preach that love, I could never be so brave. I am thankful for you and for Cameron. You have both been such a blessing into Justin and I's lives. We can only hope to always be the same for you. I am so happy for you and this amazing journey in life, the parts we make together and make apart. My heart swells for love for you and I pray only joy and happiness in every step. Because before we know it, we will have babies together, and grow old together and someday we will sit on one of our porches, sipping lemonade and rock away in rocking chairs watching our grandchildren play together. I love you so much as a sister and friend. Congratulations Tori and Cam!

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