Saturday, March 16, 2013

Love is Patient

I had a blog several years ago and sometimes I will go back and reread my thoughts and feelings at that time. I just happened to read the post below which I had originally wrote in March of 2010. It may not seem special but since I look back on it now, the Lord answered my prayer almost to my exact desires. I met Justin officially on June 28th of 2010. But we had actually met once before, less than 2 weeks before I wrote this post. We started dating for the purpose of marriage in July of that year. It amazes me to think that I had been so right to say that I might have met him already and I didn't even know it. I am so thankful for the husband I have, he is everything and more than I ever could have desired and I am so thankful for my man. And I am thankful for the hopes of a girl that wanted to find love.

March 29, 2010
Recently I have found myself trying to live by this advice.
Solomon you truly were a wise one.
I find it difficult most of the time. Confusing at best. What really is seeking love?
If I am attracted to someone I have still made a vow to not pursue any sort of relationship beyond friendship.
what point is there in dating if I am not ready to marry.
I know I am not but sometimes I think I could handle it.
I am not so naive that I expect Prince Charming to ride up on a white stallion and sweep me off my feet to a life filled with champagne, roses and a perfectly cleaned house.
I dont want perfect. I want imperfect.
I want a man of God. I want an honest, just and loving authority. I want a kind, passionate and thoughtful husband. I want a guiding, gentle and carefree father. I want a protector. A keeper and a partner.
I want someone who has learned from mistakes and made stronger because of them.
Someone to walk this road of life side by side with. to hold my hand. to lead with truth and purpose. not to drag me behind.
I dont want perfect. No Prince Charming.
I want a man, humble and imperfect, my Adam, my Abraham, my Isaac, my Boaz and my Jacob. Let me be your Eve, your Sarah, your Rebekah, your Ruth and your Rachel.

I am a foolish girl hoping for love to find me. I am done looking. It hasnt desired to be revealed yet. And I must be content with that.
For all I know I may have met him already :) Lord, give me patience. Open my eyes as YOUR will be done, not mine.

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