Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Change of Address

So it's official. The hubs and I are packing up our tiny little apartment, two dogs and traveling across the rainy woods of Washington to the flats of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho to set up our permanent residence.

This decision has been a long time coming but a new job opportunity arose for Justin which he could not deny from a family friend who bases his company out of CDA. Our lease is up in January and the house hunt has begun.

We drove 6 hours in our little white pick up late last night so we could spend four glorious days with our friends, the Lanpheres, while we look around at the houses available in the area. Being the cheapo's we are, we are aiming at a price of the mid 100,000's. Something that would be absolutely UNHEARD of in the Snohomish/Mill Creek area since apparently that part of the country didn't hear about the housing market dip.

We have spent a part of our saturday driving around and scoping out places we are interested in having our agent show us tomorrow. A 3 bed 2 bath sounds FABulous. Enough room for us, our pups, a baby or two and the impending arrival of one sister-in-law who graduates this coming summer as she starts her freshman year at NICC.

I know, I am absolutely amazed at the generosity we have at offering my kid sister a place to live rent free while she goes to school.

Anywho, we are unbelievably excited at this new step in our lives together and cant wait to ring in the new year with a new state and a new address and our FIRST home!!!

This house is 148,000 with 4 bedrooms. Where the HECK would you ever see that in Washington.

My hunter husband and I are very happy with this decision :)

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